CRN adjustable open web floor joists

Open web floor joists adapted to construction requirements 

In addition to specializing in roof trusses, Chevrons Rouyn-Noranda also excels in manufacturing open web floor joists.

Chevrons Rouyn-Noranda’s open web floor joists are factory-made with high quality wood that is117/8 inches high and between 3 and 21 feet long, and longer beams are available for special orders and we offer end joists, low walls and brackets.

All beams are carefully wrapped after manufacture to maximize product quality upon arrival at the site. The company is aware of the importance of timeliness for construction projects and has a large stock of joists which allows it to respond quickly to every request.

Our floor joists provide a wide nailing surface to facilitate attachment to the subfloor. Chevrons Rouyn-Noranda’s floor joists can be adjusted up to 12 inches and are designed to simplify the passage of wires and ducts in the floor thickness. 

We provide a customized installation plan for each project which facilitates the floor joist installation.